Leinster Water Polo

Session 1: Friday PM

Classroom 17:30-19:30

1 - Outline of full course, and what will be discussed and demonstrated

2 - Focus for Session #1 is teaching individual skills to the beginning and intermediate water polo player

3 - Teaching of eggbeater -

  Where the body, arms, legs need to be for optimal performance

  Drills to progress in eggbeater

  How to use it in collaboration with the breastroke kick

4 - Teaching players to move in the water -

  Leg, body, hips, arm positions

  How to skull in the water, how to lunge

  Using second breastroke kick

5 - Body position with the ball -

  Legs, body, arms in position for good ball control for passing, shooting and holding ball

  Lateral movement with the ball

  Moving while passing, moving while shooting

6 - Passing with a partner and in a group -

  Static and moving with and without the ball while passing

  The use of legs, hips and arms while passing

  Body position important areas of emphasis while passing

7 - Passing under pressure -

  Position of body while passing under pressure

  How to hold ball and where to look while under pressure

  What to do with the ball and body under pressure

8 - Shooting -

  Body position and position of ball while shooting

  Static shot, lateral movement shooting

  Faking and shooting and where to shoot on a goalie in different positions

9 - Goalies -

  The importance of a goalie and how this position gets overlooked

  How coach a goalie and what to do with this position if coach has no background in position

  Drills and what is important for this position


10 - Stretching -

  The importance of stretching; when and where to do it and at what age

  Different focus on this and at what age and level to build in progression

11 - Weight training -

  When and how to use weight training to benefit the athlete

  What drills and exercises to use for best performance of the athlete

Q & A


Pool 20:00-22:00

Full demonstration and drills of how to coach the athlete in the following areas -

15min - Eggbeater

15min - How to move in the water

15min - Body position with the ball

15min - Passing with partner and group

15min - Passing under pressure ( with defender )

15min - Shooting

15min - Important goalie positioning


Q & A