Leinster Water Polo

Session 2: Saturday AM

Saturday  -

08:30 - 11:30   Classroom

12:00 - 13:00   Lunch

13:30 - 15:30   Pool


Classroom 830 - 1130am

Teaching and coaching team practices the individual aspects of the game to have success at each level or age group while educating on the next levels ahead. Discussion of practice plans and talk about each level and what is required for optimal performance. Discuss the two sample training sessions for each age group.


1 - Swimming and its importance

  How much should a water polo player swim at each age group or level

  How to balance swimming and water polo, what to focus on during each segment of the year

  Swimming and Water polo assisting each other for the overall athlete and sport


2- Fundamentals of water polo at each level

  What are fundamentals and how important to focus on them during each practice

  Key fundamentals of the game where games are won and lost

  How to coach and structure the importance during each practice without it becoming tedious


3 - Coaching Team

  - proper egg beater and breastroke for water polo & drills

  - movement in the water & drills

  - body position with ball & drills

  - passing in a team atmosphere & drills

  - pressure passing with team

  - incorporating goalie into team drills

  - team shooting and drills

  - progression from individual drills into team drills and how it is used in actual games


5 - Splash Ball / Mini Polo -

  Aspects to focus on while making the sport fun and enjoyable

  What drills to do while at this young age to propel child to the next phase

  Important exercises at this age group to get the athlete ready for the next level of water polo

  Discussion of two sample training sessions


6 - 10/12U Age Groups -

  How to transition the young athlete to function in the deep pool with balls and players

  Progressing the athlete to feel comfortable in the water and to feel confident and continue

  What drills to focus on at this level of development, and making the game simple and rewarding

  Discussion of two sample training sessions


7 - Discussion of important team drills -

  - movement and passing

  - ball control in groups

  - keep away

  - pushing eggbeater and breastroke kick

  - shooting with defender

  - driving to goal with and without defender

  - what to teach in every aspect of fundamental team drills

Q & A


Lunch - 1200-100pm

13:30 - 14:00

Team on deck dry land stretching and land exercises for Splash Ball, 10/12U players

How to use the ball and for dry land passing and strengthening shoulders and to demonstrate to younger athletes the correct body and arm position for in the water to thrown and pass the ball.


14:00 - 15:30

1 - Movement and Passing

  - movement without the ball, how to receive the ball and what to do afterwards

  - ball control in groups

  - pushing eggbeater and breastroke kick

  - what to teach in every aspect of fundamental team drills e.g. what to do with left hand


2 - Team Splash Ball drills talked about in discussion and in sample training sessions

   - keep away

  - driving towards goal

  - team eggbeater, leap frog

  - games for ball control


3 - Team 10U/12U drills talked about in discussion and in sample training sessions

  - Ball control with partner and groups

  - pushing eggbeater & breastroke kick

   - catch and shoot

  - movement with and without the ball, V cuts, moving towards balls etc.


4- Introduction of Team Defense & Team Offense

  Press defense

  Where to put hands and how to play team defense

  Leg position and body on defense and how to move and recover


Q & A