Leinster Water Polo

Session 3: Saturday PM


15:30 - 17:30   Classroom

17:30 - 19:30  Pool


Session #3 Description -

3:30 - 5:30pm Classroom

1 - Team concepts and what to focus on while promoting the sport and making the game and practices  as fun and as enjoyable as possible at all levels and age groups.

2 - Writing practice and game plans and their importance.

3 - What to focus on every 3 months of the year and how to incorporate it into each training session.

4 - Describing sample practices for each level, how they are structured, and what is the focus throughout the practices. Each level will have 2 sample practices that will be talked about during each segment of session #3.


5 - 14U Age Groups -

  Preparing the athlete for a jump from youth to senior level and what to coach

  How to coach and what aspects to illustrate to young building athletes

  Specific drills the athletes thrive on and what they get frustrated with


6 - 16/18U Age Groups -

  How to transition the athlete into the senior level of competition and what to coach

  Teaching attack, defense, counter attack, and man up and what to know

  Necessary tools to implement at this level athlete and team for success


How to coach the goalies and where and when to include them during each level of team and drills.


Q & A


Pool 5:30 - 730pm

530 - 600pm

30 minutes demonstration of team dry land for 14U,  16/18U players before entering the pool.

Go through the team drills illustrated in the classroom and in the handouts at different levels.


600 - 730pm

Standard - 20 minute warm up, swim, legs, pass & shoot.

20 minutes, Offensive drills -

Shooting drills

Shooting with defender

Driving and shooting



20 minutes, Defensive drills -

Shot blocking

Drive defense

Team defense

20 minutes, Counter Attack Offense-

How to attack & where to go on offense

How to move the ball quickly down the pool

Where you want to shoot from

20 minutes, Counter Attack Defense -

How to defend the counter attack

Where to go on defense during the counter attack

What is needed to defend first during a counter attack

10 minutes, Man Up Advantage -

How to score

How to move and where to shoot from

Playing to your strengths

10 minutes, Man Up Defense -

Priorities to block

When to move and when to just block

Keys for successful defense


Q & A