Leinster Water Polo

Links to Leinster Clubs

Note: Web addresses move frequently. Please send all updates and broken link notifications to webmaster @leinsterwaterpolo.org

Clontarf Swimming Club
    Clontarf Website
    Clontarf Facebook
    Clontarf Twitter

Drogheda Water Polo Club
    Drogheda Website
    Drogheda Facebook
    Drogheda Twitter

Glenalbyn Water Polo
    Glenalbyn Website
    Glenalbyn Facebook
    Glenalbyn Twitter

Guinness Swimming Club
    Guinness Website
    Guinness Facebook
    Guinness Twitter

Half Moon Swimming and Water Polo Club
    Half Moon Website
    Half Moon Facebook
    Half Moon Twitter

Kells Swimming Club
    Kells Website
    Kells Facebook
    Kells Twitter

Marian Swimming Club
    Marian Website
    Marian Facebook
    Marian Twitter

North Dublin Winter Swimming Club
    North Dublin Website
    North Dublin Facebook
    North Dublin Twitter

St Vincents Water Polo Club
    St Vincents Website
    St Vincents Facebook
    St Vincents Twitter

Sandycove Swimming and Waterpolo Club
    Sandycove Website
    Sandycove Facebook
    Sandycove Twitter

Trinity (Dublin University) Swimming Club

    Trinity (Dublin University) Website
    Trinity (Dublin University) Facebook
    Trinity (Dublin University) Twitter

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